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Catechetical Refresher - Law And Gospel

Catechetical Refresher Law and GospelChrist Lutheran ChurchCleveland, OhioSeptember 25, 2018 At the foundation of the Lutheran faith lies the Law and the Gospel. These are the two faces God presents to us in Holy Scripture. That of Lawgiver and Judge, and that of Savior and Lord. The portions of Scripture that legislate what men may and may not do, and states penalties f...

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Lutheran Liturgy Is Unique

Lutheran Liturgy is unique. The faith of the Lutheran Reformation is as much about worship as doctrine. Pure doctrine necessitated pure liturgy in Luther's mind, and the one could not exist apart from the other. Anything less than these two in tandem is less than the radiant gospel that redeems sinners from their corruption and that comforts them in all their distress. T...

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Catechetical Refresher - Daily Prayers

Catechetical RefresherDaily PrayersChrist Lutheran ChurchCleveland, OhioSeptember 17, 2018 Everyone who studied catechism in the LCMS is familiar with the Synodical Catechism. It is Luther's original Small Catechism with an extended section of questions and answers, backed with verses from Scripture which serve a "proof texts". Many Lutherans memorized the questions and a...

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Moral Theology 2018

Christ Lutheran Church Cleveland, Ohio September 14, 2018 by: Rev. Dean Kavouras Moral Theology 2018 Lutherans are conversant in doctrinal theology, in the many tenets they believe, teach, confess and rejoice in. Articles of faith concerning the Trinity, Two Natures of Christ, Sin, Grace, Redemption, Sacraments, Worship, Prayer, Church, Ministry, and the Lord's coming ag...

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How To Read Scripture Like a Lutheran Rev. Dean Kavouras, PastorChrist Lutheran ChurchCleveland, Ohiorev. August 27, 2018 What is the Bible, and how is it to be used? For some Sacred Scripture is a rule book from which people extract principles by which they live their lives. For others it is a database of doctrines from which theological systems are built and defended. ...

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Catechetical Refresher - Table Of Duties

Catechetical RefresherTable Of DutiesChrist Lutheran ChurchCleveland, OhioAugust 28, 2018 It is my prayer that God has richly blessed you through your study of the six chief parts of Christian doctrine. It is a prayer that I know is answered in the affirmative because as often as we engage in the study of Sacred Scripture we are encountering God himself. As when we enjo...

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Catechetical Refresher - The Sacrament Of The Altar

Catechetical RefresherThe Sacrament Of The AltarChrist Lutheran ChurchCleveland, OhioAugust 21, 2018 The sixth and last of Dr. Martin Luther's six chief parts of Christian doctrine as found in the Small Catechism is: the Sacrament Of The Altar. You will get the most benefit from this essay if you have your catechism open as you read. The reason it is the last is because ...

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How to read Scripture Like A Lutheran And Not Like A Fundamentalist: Part 2

How To Read Scripture Like A Lutheran Part - 2Rev. Dean Kavouras, PastorChrist Lutheran ChurchCleveland, Ohiorev. August 27, 2018 Grace to you and peace to you from God the Father, and from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen. In Part 1 of this essay we considered how to read Scripture like Lutherans, and not like Protestants. It is topic of utmost importance because ...

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Summary Of Second Corinthians By St. Gregory Of Nazianzus

Christ Lutheran Church is currently studying St. Paul's 2nd Letter to the Corinthians in the Sunday morning Pastor's Class at 9:00 AM. Please see this very fine summary of that letter by one of the greatest of the great church fathers, Gregory of Nazianzus. What Paul did with the Corinthians, so nicely depicted by Gregory, is exactly the work of the Lutheran pastor today....

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A Retake On Ephesians 5:22 ff

Here are some thoughts on Sunday's epistle Ephesians 5:22ff. However I believe that the topic in this section, The Lord's Supper, actually begins in v. 15. If St. Paul's letter here is in fact a baptismal address to the newly baptized (as I believe it to be), then beginning in v. 15 he begins to shift gears now from the baptism they have just received to the Eucharist the...

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