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Hymn # 548 - What A Gem

The parting hymn at Christ Lutheran Church this Lord's Day was #548, "My Inmost Heart Now Raises." The hymn is written to be sung in the morning, and is a wonderful way to start day. I especially love the last two verses:

5. God shall do my advising,
Whose might with wisdom blends;
May He bless rest and rising,
My efforts, means, and ends!
To God, forever blest,
Will I with mine confide me,
And willing let Him guide me
As seemeth to Him best.

To sing aloud "God shall do my advising," is a profound profession of faith, one that will diminish anxiety, and allow a child of God to face each day with equanimity.

6. Amen I say, not fearing
That God rejects my prayer;
I doubt not He is hearing
And granting me His care.
Thus I go on my way
And do not look behind me,
But ply the task assigned me;
God's help shall be my stay

One of the greatest pieces of advice I ever received was, "Don't look back." The hymn says the same, but in beautiful verse, "Thus I go on my way, and do not look behind me. But ply the task assigned me; God's help shall be my stay." 

Both lyrics and melody were composed in the 16th century, which means this hymn has taught and strengthened God's people for over 400 years. What a vast treasury the church has inheritied from her fathers in the faith! 



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