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Grow In Grace And Knowledge Seminar

May 11, 2019

9:30am – 12:00pm

Our 2nd Grow In Grace And Knowledge seminar will be held on Saturday May 11, 2019. It will feature Rev. Robert Marshall of the Lutheran Heritage Foundation

LHF is a privately owned, but officially "Recognized Service Organization" of the LCMS. Its mission is to translate works of Lutheran faith and theology into other languages so that they are accessible to mission churches throughout the world. To date LHF has translated many of our standard works, such as Luther's Small Catechism, into over 100 languages.

In our time it is not politically correct to be proud of your heritage, or to elevate it above others, but faith can do no other! The Lutheran faith has made a strong, positive contribution to the holy Christian religion and is the guardian, above all others, of the doctrine of "justification by grace." No Christian ever defended and confessed this blessed doctrine more seamlessly than Father Luther; and we as his spiritual children have followed in his train for the last 500 years by, among other things, the prodigious production, and distribution of solid theological volumes.

This is worth celebrating, learning more about, and supporting with time, talent and treasure. Pr. Marshall will provide us with details of the work that will make every Christian heart glad.

A final word:

For all the mission attempts of the last 50 years the church (LCMS and all others as well) continues to decline in America. But as it declines here, it is being reborn around the world. Every congregation talks about mission work, but few if any have the resources to do it. This being the case it seems only right that if we cannot do the work here, that we should support those who do it there. Rather than remonstrate over what we cannot do, let us do this good work: to learn about (that is the first step) and support the people who are doing it.

The morning will also include the Order of Matins, a contintental breakfast and a (much-needed) time of Christian fellowship so that Lutherans of various parishes can get to know, and draw strength from, one another. The offering taken during the Service will go to LHF.

The schedule is as follows:

9:30   Contintental Breakfast
10:00 Matins
10:30 Fellowship
10:45 Pastor Marshall's Presenation
11:45 Questions and Answers followed by more time of fellowship.


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